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To be Human is to Thrive & be Abundant...

To be Human is to Thrive & be Abundant

I believe we as human beings are meant to thrive, I believe we were all meant to live prosperous and abundant lives. I believe we were all meant to flourish & grow in all areas of our life.

 I believe we are all meant to be happy successful and confident in everything we do. But unfortunately we have come in times of mass fear and uncertainty. Times where we don’t know what to expect from day to day. And over hundreds of decades the conditioning has made us seek survival instead of flourishing.

Most people in these situations bow down and create a mind set of survival.

You see our mind is extremely powerful. So when we create a mind set to survive, we will be very successful at that. We will survive no matter what.

What also happens when we create a mind set to survive is we establish in our mind a manifestation to be just enough to survive & that becomes a trap. When we create that, we then live in a state of survival.

And a human being is not designed to live in a state of survival, only animals are designed to do that.

When a human lives in that state of survival, barely getting by, living day by day, week by week, month by month, it makes us feel miserable, exhausted and even depressed. And this creates a vicious cycle.

What we think and feel internally, we manifest externally. So if you feel miserable and depressed inside, you will then manifest that out into the physical world around you.

And the miserable world around you will create more negative feelings inside you and then the negative feelings inside you again effect the outside… driving the vicious circle.

While in that cycle, many ask how do I get out? how do I break that cycle?  But mostly are totally unaware of that cycle. And when you try to tell them, they would vehemently deny it.

You see acceptance is our biggest challenge. And to be honest, the hardest part is the acknowledgement. Once aware, it is only a matter of time. 

When everything around you is negative, making you feel awful inside, you will find any way possible to overcome those negative thoughts, whether they are through trust, faith, belief, love or gratitude. Anything that will break that negative cycle. 

Meditation helps us access & deep dive into our sub-conscious mind to plant powerful suggestions & help break that cycle, allowing us to manifest wonderful things, people, situations and circumstances in our life. It allows us to bring about a lasting change we want in our life.

Here is the first step you can take in the direction of peace, success& fulfilment – reach out to someone you know and talk about how it is impacting you and what you can do about it.

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