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What do I do?

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Recently I was invited to a Networking event for Entrepreneurs. On being asked what I do, I shared that I am a Transformation Facilitator & a Healer. From the kind of blank look on their faces, I knew they understood little, so I offered a better explanation that I help people re-connect with themselves and live a created life which they can design and also taught them to heal themselves.

I feel the confusion only deepened until one of them offered me back… ‘Are you a Life Coach?’

Truth be told, it is always tough to explain to people how critical it is to re-connect to ourselves. And since there is no formal education out there, and what it takes is more thorough than coaching, people do not know about it, hence a need to educate.

You see we are living like zombies – always in our thoughts, either feeling angry or guilty about the past or fearful, anxious & worried about the future. Ridden with self doubt, self criticism and always looking for appreciation & validation.

Truth is that we are all disconnected with our true source – our source of knowledge, inspiration, power, confidence, self-love and we keep looking outside. We think what willfulfill us is out there… some knowledge, some course, some training, or a person, a relationship, can fulfil that for us. Little do we realize that what’s outside will never fill the void inside.

And true inspiration can only come from inside – what we get from outside is motivation and when the source of that motivation is removed, we loose our focus, our drive and even our excitement.

The work I do goes way beyond coaching & mentoring. I combine my 15 years of learning transformative study of MetaPhysics, Ontology, Hypnotherapy, epigenetics, Karmic Healing, removing Belief Blocks & Reiki to help my clients to connect back to the inherent confidence, excitement, fun, energy & excitement they were born with…

I consciously work to educate people to understand & manage their Mental and Emotional health and balance, as without that all pillars of life - be it health, wealth or relationships, move out of alignment.

The period we are going through is of getting connected to the collective & the cosmic consciousness… and the pull is there. The connection is already there in each of us, but we are oblivious to it… It is just a matter of time…

To everyone out there I have a message for you - You are powerful, you are beautiful and you have what it takes.... Have Faith!

Trust yourself – you are capable & all that you need to live your fullest self-expression is already within you. All you need to do is stop looking outside, shift the focus inside.

Love & Light,


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