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Take a Step Back...

As humanity continues its struggle with the COVID-19 situation, with many employees stuck in work from home situations and working up to 12-14 hours a day, while others venture out to office to ensure they retain their jobs. 

Employers pushing hard to meet the revenue targets and timelines. 

As entrepreneurs wander out so as not to disintegrate, and children being made to find something to do within the confines of their homes.

As house wives are finding their passion in the midst of managing their homes & kids & family without house helps and families being stuck together by force rather than by will... as media still finds negativity to sell and politicians continue to find ways to play their own agenda... as nations find faults for the spread of the pandemic and plays the blame games..... as Bollywood deals with its own black hole which seems to be eating it up from the inside....

As the common man struggles to fight and acclimatize with the change and the lower ranks struggle for even the basics. In the midst of it all, as necessities give rise to new inventions, new ways of being.... I strongly feel there is a need for us as a humanity, as a race, to pause and take a step back....

Take a step back and look at the bigger impact of it upon HUMANity. 

These changing times release the hormone of stress in us which causes our body to be knocked out of homeostasis (state of normalcy). 

It is like pressing the Emergency button. Now there are 3 types of stress - physical stress (like an injury an accidental fall or when in trauma), chemical stress (viruses and bacteria in blood sugar levels etc) and emotional stress (job insecurity & bad Internet connections & mortgages & single parenting etc). 

Most organisms in nature can tolerate short-term stress e.g. if the deer gets chased by a pack of wolves and if it outruns them, 15 minutes later it goes back to grazing.

However, humans have a very different relation to stress - we possess the ability to turn on stress by thought alone. 

And no organism can live in Emergency mode for a long period of time. With the current times as they are, the hormones of stress continuously get triggered, and continued stress dysregulates and downregulates the genes that maintain health - so your thoughts can make you sick. 

You may say, that when fighting with the inner stress wolf pack like threats of fear, anxiety, anger, guilt, helplessness, frustration, sadness, depression and loneliness, the body takes away the focus from creativity, health, aliveness, energy, excitement gratitude and even healing .

This happens at a sub-conscious level (below consciousness), and consciously, to 'manage' and 'survive', we push these disempowering thoughts and move our focus in trying to deal powerfully with all the struggle to come out as a winner and keep fighting our adversity every day. 

But before we know it, they start showing up in forms of fatigue, weight loss or weight gain, irritability, insecurity, anxiety and a conscious struggle to prove relevant in society. These are only the minor impacts, longer exposure to stress leads to bigger ones like depression, cancers, tumor, diabetes, blood pressure irregularities etc.

Every morning as we wake up. we begin to think of our problems, which become like a memory circuit in our brain. As we have habits and patterns like a morning cup of coffee, checking the status on Social media, looking for update on our WhatsApp groups, checking emails, etc, similarly, our stress thoughts also have created a pattern, negative thoughts cycle - Thought triggers a feeling, feeling triggers an emotion, that emotion triggers a memory and which further creates similar thoughts and this forms a routine and a whole program is created and somewhere we lose our free will to a program that is running 95% of the time by our sub-conscious mind.

Even though a person says I want to be happy, I want to be healthy, I want to creative and excited, little do we know that the body is on a different program altogether!

How do I change the program ?

The answer is simple! Meditation! Meditation can teach people, over time, how to alter their brain waves. 

Lets sit down, close our eyes, lets disconnect from our outer environment, so if you are seeing less things, there is less stimulation going on in the mind. 

If you can sit your body down like an animal and make it stay right there and you are not eating, smelling or tasting anything. When done, you would feed it, provide it the WhatsApp, the emails, the social media, the stresses it is used to focusing upon.

What you are doing is siphoning the energy used by the mind to continuously reside either in the past or the future and have it focus to the present moment. Energy flows where focus goes.  

Mindfulness happens automatically.

Meditation, practiced over a period of time increases concentration, mindfulness and decreases health related diseases.

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