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Procastination is Good for You!

All thorugh my education and years at work I was taught and trained that procastinatiom is bad...

It is one of the challenges that plagues us all and makes us lazy, lethargic, delay results, reduces our effectiveness etc. etc.!

I am sorry but I beg to differ!

As humans, we have been trained and conditioned from childhood to listen to our mind. To concentrate and acquire knowledge and that is the way to grow ourselves and reach our fullest postential. I see everyone start the race even before we learn to walk.

Parents comparing notes on how soon their child was able to walk, talk, create, paint and even construct. All through my (now 13 year old's) son's growing up years, I saw mothers struggling to have their children stand out in competitions, Olympiad's, quiz's, debates, race for top marks, try and get positive feedback from teachers, engage in arguments with teachers why their child is the best and pressure their child to improve and move ahead of the class. It is a huge thing and being mediocre is not acceptable.

Not only participation, but a constant pressure on kids to excel in sports, and those who are better, would always be given special attention by the school authorities as they would help take the school to a city, state and country level competions ... and on and on and on.

Unconsciously, we have been conditioned that we are not good, but need to 'do something' or 'prove' that I am 'Good Enough'. And in my 20 years career, I have seen all my colleagues, junior as well as senior run the same race to prove, to run after validation and acknowledgement. I know because I was one of the contenders fighing the same battle!

At the core of it, I have come to a final conclusion that it is the Heart, that is centre of my evolution. It is what guided and supervised my growth from a foetus to a fully formed baby delivered after 9 months.

People who follow their hearts, stay the happiest. And while everyone wants to do it, they have been trained out of it!

We have unlearnt how to follow our Hearts!

Some of the most successful people in the world are those who have left the 'Rat Race' and chosen to follow their heart and live out their passion!

I believe that procastination is the heart taking over and telling the mind to 'Take a chill pill'!

I believe that the Heart already knows our true path of passion that will take us to fulfillment and it even sub-consciously knows the direction leading us to our ultimate destiny.

I believe that when driven by the heart, we do not need to be in action all the time. We can relax and allow the Universal forces to take over and guide us to our destination. One that is bigger, better and more fulfilling than we can even imagine.

I believe that procastination is the one access the Heart still has of telling us relax and breathe! To communicate to us that whatever is needed, is coming!

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