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I am Ashamed!

I was fired from my first job!!

Things I have been ashamed of...

1. Failed in Maths in Class 7

2. Ran away from home at 13

3. Was clueless what to do after my 12 Boards

4. Did not get campus placement after doing my Fashion Designing, even though all my batchmates got placed at great places.

5. Did IT only to ensure I find a job and get on my feet

6. Could not sell a single product in my first sales profile

7. Was fired from my first job in IT after 4 years in 2002

8. Never gave Interviews as I was ashamed of switching fields

9. Flunked my MBA exams and finally cleared it in 5 years.

10. My Probation got extended in my 2nd job.- They said I was not good enough & had no ownership.

11. I failed my own startup Asma Creations and had to shut down & lost a lot of money

12. Could not produce results in the Network Marketing Company I invested in

13. Had to join 9-5 job after my Startup failed

14. Had marital issues but couldnot share with anyone

Had been ashamed of many things: "I am Insignificant"

The main issue has been that people will judge me...

How long willI I keep trying to please people!

I shifted my focus on what I want and what makes ME Happy.... I am Happy now and DEAF to what people say.

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