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About Asma Aziz

Born in a small town, studied in a Convent. Humble background, simple upbringing, grew up almost without parents, as both were out earning to run the basic necessities.

Came to Delhi at 14 to do high school in a co-ed school; scared, anxious, excited and alone.

Between the ragging and trying to fit in with the crowd, learning to co-exist with the world, all the way to being a mother to 2 kids, a Senior Management profile in IT at one of the top MNC’s in the world - It has been a long, tough and exciting journey filled with tons of broken dreams, zero money, some drama & love, innumerable failures, many successes, soul wrenching pains, a lot of heart breaks, abundance of blessings and couple of miscarriages. Every milestone felt like the end of the world.


But it did not kill her, only made her stronger.


About 15 years back riddled with the questions – Who am I & Why am I here? Started her journey of self discovery…

Asma’s USP is her belief that ‘We are the Creators of our Life and we keep creating our reality in every moment’. She uses her belief, self-confidence and her infectious openness to help people get connected to their higher self and expand to their fullest self expression. 

She is a firm believer that we all have been born with what we need to be successful and fulfilled, but we have barriers to our experience of ourselves. In her engagements with her clients, she helps them remove those barriers.

Equipped with a deep understanding and personal experience of Law of Attraction, Hypnotherapy, Mind Science, ICF Coach, NLP Professional, Reiki Healing and having worked with people close to 15 years, 

her mission is to transform the Education System Globally and Enable 10 million people to become Successful & Confident, by reinstating their belief in themselves.

From Asma's Desk:

Hi Friends,


As I started inching towards 40, I was a juncture where most of my spiritedness was dying and I was at a ‘mid-life crisis’ and I kept living with a conversation of 'This is it".


But I was not happy with the 'This is it"- Limited energy, almost no excitement, not much to look forward to in life except Kids life. I was not ready to accept that "This is it for me" - I had not even lived out my full potential.


I altered the status quo to ‘Re-Create’ my life as exciting and full of fun and passion.


With access to the powerful technology, that helped me re-create my own life, I am committed to helping people at at a similar juncture re-create themselves to live a fully self-expressed & abundant life, full of Love, Peace, Happiness & Fulfilment. 


I engage in conversations that allow people to remove their ‘brakes’ and live a Powerful life.

Today, connected to my own individuality, yet pulsing with the energies of this world, I am clear of my true purpose is to expand to my fullest self-expression.

I have a Vision of a world full of Thought Leaders & Awakened Consciousness with no suffering from fear and guilt.

Rather than wait for it to happen on its own, I have taken on the charter to start the process myself, one human being at a time…

I believe as human beings we are meant to thrive, to live a prosperous & abundant life, to flourish & grow and to be happy, confident & successful. And we are born with the inner capabilities to achieve all of it.

Unfortunately, born into an environment conditioned for survival with mass fear and uncertainty, we don’t know how to do anything else other than Survive. 


I am deeply Passionate about & Committed to enabling people find their own magic and connecting them with their Source.

I strongly believe that whatever more is needed from me , will automatically come to me when I allow the Universe to use me as a tool for fulfilment.

I also believe now that I have a desire to share, whoever has to learn will automatically come to me when I allow the Universe to use me as a tool for fulfilment. All that is needed will appear at the right time & place.


To know connect with me, visit me –

To get more clarity on the kind of work I do, watch me -

Thank You,

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