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‘We are the Creators of our Life and we keep creating our reality in every moment’.

You may have heard the Law of Attraction described as 'Thoughts become Things', and it is certainly true!

Our sub-conscious thoughts always manifest into reality. 

​When we ask the Universe for what we want, we can manifest anything

However, we are unconscious of our words & our thoughts - when words, thoughts, emotions, energy and vibrations in the same direction we manifest any request as a reality. Without effort.

Hence, unconsciously, most of us manifest Fear, Anxiety, Disease, Panic, Stress, Imbalance, Suffocation just by this alignment.

And unfortunately, our environment is conditioned for survival with mass fear and uncertainty which we dont know how to break through & navigate to synergy of our emotions, our thoughts or our vibrations!!

About Asma

Know About Me


Asma Aziz
Clinical Hypnotherapist | Energy Healer | Wellness Expert

Born in a small town, studied in a Convent. Humble background, simple upbringing. Came to Delhi at 14 for high school in a co-ed school; scared, anxious, excited and alone.

Between the ragging and trying to fit in with the crowd, learning to co-exist with the world, all the way to being a mother to 2 kids, a Senior Management profile in IT at one of the top MNC’s in the world -

It has been a long, tough and exciting journey filled with tons of broken dreams, zero money, some drama & love, innumerable failures, many successes, soul wrenching pains, a lot of heart breaks, depression, couple of miscarriages and abundance of blessings. 

Every milestone felt like the end of the world. They say “whatever does not kill you, only makes you stronger”.

About 18 years back I started another journey, riddled with tons of questions – About God, my relationships, my reason for existance, my work, the difference between religion and spirituality, karma, past lives, the purpose of rebirth, prophets, angels, psychics, why human beings are self-destructive, death, old age, loneliness, fear, healing, living in now, the power of intention, thought and prayer, whether God is kind or punishing, how I could understand the meaning of it all and evolve – and a quest to identify my place and function in the grand design and scheme of things.

I always felt some connection with the divine in that whenever I asked for something, it was given. So when I first heard of Law of Attraction, I was already a practitioner... But when I hit depression and almost committed suicide twice, life was not the same again.

My journey from there took a 180 degree turn - I got my answers from the Universe - life navigated me into the study into multiple modalities for self growth, like, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, metaPhysics, epiGenetics, NLP & Reiki & Energy Healing. 

Today, connected to my own individuality, yet pulsing with the energy & forces of this Universe, I am clear of my true purpose; to Expand & Live to my fullest Self-Expression

I am driven towards a Vision of a world full of Thought Leaders & Awakened Consciousness, with no fear and guilt. Living fully self-expressed & living their passion, full of Freedom, Fun & Happiness.

​I strongly believe that as human beings we are meant to thrive & live prosperous & abundant lives, to flourish & grow and to be happy, confident & successful. And we are born with the inner capabilities to achieve it. Unfortunately, our environment is conditioned for survival with mass fear and uncertainty and hence we don’t even know how to break that.

I am committed to Helping people learn to be the creators of their own life, rather than struggle with our conditioned life.

I am on a Mission to transform the Education System Globally and Enable 10 million people to become Successful & Confident, by reinstating their belief in themselves & live their passion. 

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Paramjit Singh, IT Head

Asma has an admirable combination of business & creative skills. Always willing to go the extra mile, she constantly challenges you to raise the bar, which reflects in her work. A pleasure to work with & a rock during crisis.

Anu Gupta, Lawyer

Asma is very clear in her approach.

She helped me learn to be at ease with my life.

I understood that our power to manage emotions moment by moment helps us build a different life altogether. It has been an amazing journey with her.  

VP Madhusudhan, Sales Consultant

The knowledge Asma possesses about life & Universe are amazing.

She has complete authority on her Domain & she is totally committed to her mission.

She is the right person to go to, if one wants to live a life of excitement & bliss, as she continues to live it herself.


I have been working with Asma for over 3 years and in that time, I have become more settled, relaxed & happier. I am no longer running from pillar to post for people's approval & trying to be accepted by my family, esp my in-laws and my husband. My relationships have become more meaningful & I love my life.


Before I met Asma, I was dealing with depression, panic & anxiety attacks, I was very insecure & always scared of being judged. Many times I was unable to express myself fully for the fear of people's judgement.

Today, I have almost completedmy Bucket List & love the life I am living - I am not scared of expressing myslef, Loving myself & all that I have evolved into.


Ways I Help you to...

Become the Creator of your Life...!


I work with you through the process of healing from simple bodily pains, diseases to releasing even bigger issues caused by Trauma, like PCOD, Cysts, Thyroid & depression. Even overcoming from the impact of loosing a loved one.


Aimed at re-connecting to your Self Esteem, Confidence, going beyond your Relationship issues, Limiting Beliefs & even identifying your Life Purpose.


Reinvent your Existing Task Force, bring Leadership at every level, Improved Ownership, Accountability & Effectiveness. Increased Productivity  & Efficiency, Increased Integrity & Ethics, Improved Communication between teams!

1-2-1 counselling 

Bring Clarity of Mind, Releasing emotions like anger, upset, guilt, stress & worry, increasing Energy Levels, connecting to Life Purpose & dealing with breakdown of 3 main pillars of Life - Health, Relationships & Wealth


I bring to the stage a kind of Influencing presence.

Events that require motivation, inspiration or thought provoking conversations!


Register Today!

If you are dealing with any issue in life, know that in some manner or another, either you are creating it, or you are attracting it.
I can help you figure out what you are vibrating at, which may be causing it.
Set up a counselling session & lets discuss YOU & focus on what is it that may be holding you where you are?
This intensive 2 day Workshop aims at Breaking our current limiting beliefs & paradigms which restrict us.

The workshop is based upon the fundamental principle that all people have the inner capabilities and potential to be anything they want to be, however, are limited only by the environmental, social, economic and religious conditioning of the society we are born into.
Why Asma

Why Asma?

Officially & in a nutshell, I am a Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Trained Reiki Healer, a Clinical Hypnotherapist with over 21 years experience working with people.

My approach to Healing & Transformation is wholistic with focus upon Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual aspects so that Transformation is deep rooted & the results are long lasting.

Having learnt many healing modalities, I enjoy the gentle way Hypnotherapy engages with the sub-conscious mind in directing & replacing old & limiting beliefs to a being of motivation, allowance & acceptance to rapidly produce the desired results.

It is an amazing and super natural way of moving beyond all those limiting beliefs, unwanted patterns & unproductive habits. 


Being an empath, I have always been able to connect to people's emotions & coached and mentored for over 20 years - I have my own unique approach to dianosing & helping deal with all body ailments through a customized aspproach incliding a mix of therapy, cognitive discussions & energy & mind healing.  I easily get you moving towards where you want to be and what you'd like to achieve. 

Having overcome my own personal breakdowns & challenges, I bring my vast experience, my skills, learnings and practices from my years of working in different industries
roles, for my clients to benefit from.

I help you heal the mind, the body & align the energy cetres. While I believe it is always the Universe that does the the healing, I simply become the channel & the facilitator for your transformation. That way, I do not allow my personal bias, my stops & my limiting beliefs to come in the way of my work with my clients.

Lastly, after working with me you learn the process to manifest the kind of life you would love to live - Having lived our life till date with whatever life has brought forth, I teach you how to manifest that which you truly want in your life... How you can truly become the Designer & Director of your Life !

Contact Me

Contact Me!

Get  in Touch

If you would like to book an initial 30 minutes consult for free, find out more about how I work or have any questions, please contact me with enough detail so that I may be able to help you as effectively and as timely as possible. 

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